Saturday, January 28, 2012

India 4-0 whitewash against Australia

Whats happening to the Indian team?? Have they forgotten how to win overseas..Looks like this saga started and ended with Sourav Ganguly. He became the captain when the team was suffering from match fixing scandals and then led the team with an attitude "Do or Die" to win overseas but now again after his retirement we can see that the team has learnt nothing and they have lost 8 consecutive overseas Test matches.

Its this Indian team that won the ICC Cricket World Cup and with the greats of Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS laxman and Sehwag present in the team they were not able to even draw one test match rather they couldn't even survive 5 days of Test cricket.

Its a shame to see this kind of performance from the team where Dhoni's captaincy is making no sense anymore looks like he has forgotten how to lead the team, wrong field placements, poor bowling changes, etc.

The poor show was from the batsmen all the way. The top order collapsed in every innings and neither there was any support from the middle order batsmen. Rahul Dravid called as "The Wall" due to his defensive abilities was bowled out 9 times, looks like he has forgotten how to guard his wickets. All the batsmen were out of form, poor shots selection and lack of ability in their techniques. Sachin Tendulkar looked a little comfortable against the Aussies but it looks like the burden of his 100th 100 is too much for him..

Still the players think that they are not embarrassed after this kind of loss and are making excuses like let them come to India and we will show them.

Everyone knows how good we are in the subcontinent thats the main reason we won the World Cup but the team who goes and wins overseas is considered as the No 1 team and it looks like we lack that capability after the kind of performance we saw recently.

Well I have said enough against the Indian team..but nothing can be done unless the BCCI makes some harsh decisions..

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